Pans Courer Car Rental oil mat for garage Materials Of The Oil Mat That Make It A Slip Free, Stain Free And Safe Application

Materials Of The Oil Mat That Make It A Slip Free, Stain Free And Safe Application

Good, strong oil drip mats are made from vinyl. It coats a polyester fabric. And it is made from Tedlar. Tedlar is the trade name for the polyvinyl fluoride that is applied to the production of the standard but formidable oil mat for garage use. The Tedlar material is closely associated with the more familiar Teflon. Not only are oil mats safe and slip free, they are always clean. This is made possible through the use of the Tedlar surfacing.

This surfacing lies at the top of the developed fabric. It is a unique oil mat and is said to be the easiest to clean. The base fabric remains in heavy polyester or tire cord. This fabric is coated on both sides with vinyl. In some cases, manufacturing utilizes vinyl film of the beach ball material variety. But it is not as resistant to chemicals as Tedlar is. The developed oil mats are durable. ‘perma-pan’ edges are raised by sealing in heat in the material, with wooden dowels placed on two sides.

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Alternate sides are raised with the materials’ natural curling ability. No damage is possible when cars drive over it. Edges cannot be flattened. This is because the dowels in place are highly supportive and they just spring back up on both sides once the vehicle has left the mat. Because of polyester reinforcing, no rocks or debris embedded in a car’s tire can puncture a pan. Durable oil mats are great for the workshop.

Not just for the auto garage but in all other areas of highly productive work. Where there is likely to be a high turnover of debris or material mess, oil mats act as the perfect housekeeping barrier.