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4 Signs You Need Brake Service

The brakes on your automobile help you come to a stop, preventing accidents and mishaps of various sort while providing you peace of mind when you drive. But, like any other component on your vehicle, the brakes can sustain damage, components can wear out, and they can fail. This is the last scenario you want to experience. Pay attention to your car and the signs that your brakes need attention! Four signs that you need brake service are:

1.    Your brakes are squealing or making any type of strange noise. There should never be any type of noises coming from the brakes. If you notice there are sounds, make sure to call the pros now.

2.    It is hard to stop the car when you press the brakes. Do you notice yourself mashing the brakes all the way to the floorboard jus to stop the car?

3.    Notice that your vehicle pulls to one side or another when driving? This is another sign that your brakes are failing and need immediate service from the professionals.

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4.    Leaking brake fluid is a common sign that trouble exists within your vehicle’s braking system. Do not delay service if you notice fluid leaking from the brakes because this will cause brake failure very quickly.

These are four of the most common signs that you need brake service, although there are other signs that signal brake trouble. Pay attention to these signs and schedule service as quickly as possible when you notice trouble. Your brakes are important and without them, your vehicle is not drivable or reliable. When you schedule service at the auto repair shop St Peters MO those worries are soon gone and you are left with a vehicle that is ready to roar, wherever you need to go.