The fourth Reich?

The Daily Mail, in classic “Hun-baiting” fashion has had a pop at the Germans today. Entitled “Europe speaks German now!“, it centres on comments made by one Volker Kauder who is one of Angela Merkel’s closest allies. He is, in fact, the parliamentary leader of Merkel’s CDU party and he made the comments in a speech to members of said party last night.

He accused Britain of being selfish and insisted it was wrong for London to defend its own interests, adding: “Only going after their own benefit, and refusing to contribute, is not the message we’re letting the British get away with.” He also criticised Britain for opposing the Tobin Tax, declaring that it was “not acceptable” that the UK was “only defending its own interests” rather than that of the wider European Union.

As if that were not enough, the part that’s really inflamed the situation is where he states that German is “being spoken in Europe” in that the rest of the EU is backing Chancellor Merkel’s diktats. However one looks at it, it is an extraordinarily insensitive statement for a senior German politician to make.

Nigel Farage nails this one, and the Euro-elite totally. This is a fantastic piece of film. By God, those people in the European Parliament must absolutely hate him. I certainly hope so. Watch the bastards squirm…

Enjoy. I did:

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David Cameron is not a Eurosceptic.

Nigel Farage has him worked out, as usual:

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Lest we forget: 2 minutes is a pittance of time…

My thanks to the Filthy Engineer for this one, which I found both moving and ire-raising.

And the twat in the supermarket? Right after the two minutes was up, I’d have smacked him in the head with a big Clue-stick…

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Armistice Day 2011



What have I given,
Bold sailor on the sea?
In earth or heaven,
That you should die for

What can I give,
O soldier, leal and brave,
Long as I live,
To pay the life you gave?

What tithe or part
Can I return to thee,
O stricken heart,
That thou shouldst break
for me?

The wind of Death
For you has slain life’s
It withereth
(God grant) all weeds in

F.W. Bourdillon, 1852 – 1921)

Lest we forget…

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EU Referendum vote…

I have a lot to say about this, none of it positive to Cameron and his acolytes, but as can be seen from the paucity of posts lately, no time to write it down. However, I can let Mr Farage say some of it for me:

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Multi-culti, middle-class, left-wing, prickocracy

Step forward the BBC and the Guardian. Yes! You!

Pat Condell, no wallflower he, is really on form here (and a new word too). I challenge a Guardian-reader to listen all the way through and accept that he has some valid points…

How apposite is that: “Prickocracy! Love it.

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Is it Ed that’s the idiot, or is it the MSM? Or is it us?

Earlier today I posed the question “Is Ed Miliband an idiot?“, and I did so in all sincerity, and not without a fair deal of amusement. However, a “proper” lunch with an old mate of mine has thrown a new light on things.

I’ve re-watched the video concerned, and it is clear that whatever the question asked, whatever the circumstances, Ed Miliband is determined to give what effectively is the same answer, whether or not it was appropriate to the question asked. At first glance – and after some thought, on a superficial level – it seems clear that Ed Miliband is a total twat. Ok, let’s not run away with ourselves here, whatever the circumstances, Ed Miliband is a total twat. However…
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Is Ed Miliband an idiot?

Sometimes, I just can’t believe my luck. This video is a gem!

Just WTF is Ed Miliband on? How this man ever became Leader of the Labour Party, I will never know, and will never understand. Will the rest of the world ever take this clown seriously?

I may be way off-base here, but reading between the lines, I think he may be saying that these strikes are wrong, that the government is behaving
in a reckless and provocative manner and they all need to put aside the rhetoric and get round the negotiating table. Several times.
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Dave? Ed? It’s all the same to me, mate.

Sometimes, something delicious comes along when researching material for a blog. Here is one such, a cracker.

The Independent has published a poll in which 2,000 punters were shown pictures of members of the Shadow Cabinet and asked to identify them. For your delectation I have copied the info over, identified the individuals concerned, and saved the best till last.
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The Brussels Bunglers have no Plan B

As the tragedy of Greek debt continues, the EU leaders, as can be seen in the following video, openly admit that there is no Plan B. Their only option, the only one they have considered and will consider, is another bail-out. This despite the fact that the previous one didn’t work (and nor will this one), and despite the basic principle that you can’t help a man drowning in debt by lending him even more money.

Daniel Hannan, in his article entitled “The EU is determined to postpone the Greek default until taxpayers have assumed the banks’ liabilities” espouses the theory that the idea is to bail out the Banks, and load the debt onto the taxpayers of the EU: behaviour which is, plainly, not in the best interests of Greece. He may, or may not, be right in that – I must admit, the motive for doing that escapes me – but, there is little doubt that that is the consequence we are facing.

As many said when Gordon Brown first started bailing out failed and failing Banks, all bailouts do is remove corporate responsibility by guaranteeing that they cannot fail however many risks they take. Daniel Hannan said at the time that “every large corporation would start behaving as if it had a state guarantee”. He’s right, because that’s exactly what they have done, precisely because they do have a state guarantee. In short – to link to another of Daniel’s articles with which I totally agree, “Profits are privatized, losses socialized” – that is exactly what is happening in Greece. And by “socialised”, we mean you, me and every other EU taxpayer assumes the debts that the Banks have run up so irresponsibly.
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